Class History

contender147hi2007 celebrated the 40th anniversary of the International Contender.  Travel through time with boat archivist David Henshall and find out about the sailors and boats of yesteryear, and how the class has developed.

This history was written by David Henshall; copyright remains with Bearfacemedia for information in this section.
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Want to know more?  David's book "Hooked On - The Contender Story" is out soon!
Display #
The early years B.C?(Before Contenders) 8937
On trial 7642
Dorothy is dropped 8021
The class is launched 7337
A star is born 7462
First world championships 7549
Competitive high spirits 7261
Antipodean heaven 6997
Globetrotting 6839
The magical 3 figure mark 7292
California Dreaming 6734
21 today! 6744
Another year, another island 7430
New kid on the block, the RS 600 7515
Back to the roots 6720
Island hopping 6396
Gonna party like it's 1999 6512
Farewell to Freddie 6692
The Doctor calls 6772
The Contender today 7874